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2015 LIVE Home Haunt Camera(s)

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Hello Peeps.

This year I have implemented something very unique. I installed (2) AXIS IP Network Cameras on my home and made them view-able from my website. The website is www.halloweensnob.com Click on Haunt Cam and scroll down. My intentions are to turn them live when I put the haunt up each year (typically 3 full day build) and on Halloween. This year I turned them on early so you can see them right now.

I have not seen another professional or home haunt attempt what I have done and hope you all enjoy it and continue to push the limits of how technology can be used to entertain and scare.

-Halloween Snob-
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Great idea! Hopefully you can post some of the footage of the scared or startled TOTers.
Here's a link to pics of frightened attendees of a haunted house.
I've been watching! Hahahahahah....and your gutters are clean too!

Yeah, sometimes I look up at the camera and wonder who in the world is watching me at that moment. It's kind of scary not knowing!
Next year I will be setting up several cameras IN my garage where I usually build a dungeon themed haunted maze. I did not this year though due to other priorities. Glad you like it!
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My "God Cam" is the Axis P5415-E
My "Shed Cam" is the Axis Q3505

With cameras, you get what you pay for. These were expensive, but I like to geek out.
My next project is to setup several indoor (less expensive) cameras in my garage to provide live feed as peeps go through the 256 sq ft haunted dungeon in there.
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