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2015 I have opened the yard to the public

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I have finished my haunt setup for this year and opened it today for the public.
The yard will be open from today until November 7 and this every wendsday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Last year we had 731 visitors and this year I am hoping for 1000 visitors, which is a lot for a country whiteout a Halloween tradition.

Here are some daylight pictures : http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Noben/library/Halloween/Halloween%202015

I will try for some night pictures later
First I need to fix a few hickups
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Wonderful Gates! You have done a great job!
Thank you for sharing, looking forward to seeing more pictures!
Very nice. Wow on the numbers you get and are hoping for.
Looking very ominous! I hope you get tons of TOTers!
That's awesome, man! I love the idea of opening this early. Had we been able to do Rose's Haunted Graveyard again this year, it was our plan to be open for more nights than just Halloween night as well. Good luck, my friend!
Here is my 3 minutes of fame on Belgium television, I look and sound like a idiot
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Great job on the haunt. Hey don't worry about it....we all sound like idiots to others when we talk about Halloween. I know I get odd looks.

That video is actually really good - nothing to be ashamed of! I've had much more embarrassing media interviews. I want to thank you for spreading Halloween to the people of Belgium. 1000 people is a lot, good luck!
So, Last night was the last night the yard was open, we had 616 visitors since October 3 (open on Wednesdays and weekends) and 203 visitors on Halloween, considering the bad weather we had the last month I am still happy with it.
time to break it down and store it all
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