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2015 Halloween ride?

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Been doing the yard haunt for awhile. The last 2 years we have done a haunted house in the driveway and garage. This year might do it totally different. Looking at making a Halloween ride. Like the type at Six Flags or Disney. Not to their level of course. lol But having the treaters on mounted seats to the floor with seat belts for safety. The floor would be the motion platform from Freightprops.com or something to that sort. Platform would have left/right, front/back, and up/down with the 6.5" rise. In the front would be a reverse side projector with whatever i can find.
Also wanting the air and water mister above and under their legs going off at certain times. Hope you get the picture.
Question is, can this be pulled off?
And what would i need to do it?
Any comments or ideas would be great.
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Oh, so you're talking a simulator, akin to Star Wars, not a traditional dark ride like Haunted Mansion? No track, just the movie and moving seat?

I see where you're going with it, and that moving floor should work fairly well. Never seen anyone pull off a homebrew version.

Consider, though, looking into the old Alien Encounter attraction at Disney world. I know they've refitted it for a Stitch theme, which I haven't been to, so can't say what's similar, but the old Alien encounter was KILLER. Air, mist, and sound in pitch black, no moving floors or movies. Might be a good place to start? Then add the other pieces as you can? Don't know how much is out there on that one...

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Yea need to check on the insurance, had no problem last 2 years with the walk thru haunt. But this would be totally different.
Was thinking about using airbags at first, but maybe the larger air pistons would give a better effect. Hoping to maybe get almost a 45 degree slant from every angle. Key word, HOPING. LOL
Have to see what is faster.
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