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It was a spooktacular Halloween! We had a great turnout of tot's, ran out of 15 lbs of candy within 1 hr. Very happy with the way our AtmosFx display looked in the front window, and the Singing Pumpkins (care of http://www.thesingingpumpkin.com/) were a hit! Happy with the way the fence turned out. Also had fun with the eFirecracker scaring people behind my "Nick Sparks" tombstone. Can't wait to add more tombstones for next year! Thanks to everyone on this great forum for thoughts and input this year. Time to start planning for 2016...

Property Home Residential area House Real estate

Property Iron Fence Home House

Iron Art Metal

Statue Sculpture Art House Home

House Home Night Building Art

House Tree

House Light Lighting Night Home

Tree Night House Games Metal

AtmosFx Display

Singing pumpkins:
Light Lighting House Architecture Home
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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