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I didn't see a thread for this yet, so I'm sorry if I missed one somewhere. I made a quick stop at the Big Lots by my work on the way home tonight. They had some stuff I though people might be interested in. They had these planter hangers I think they were called.. 48", 72", and 84" tall, some with straight poles, some twisted, some with pointed metal tops, others with solar lights. Some had iron scrollwork coming off one side, others had it on both sides. So there were probably 20 variations available of them with the different sizes, pole style, solar light style, etc. The 48" without solar was $14, the 84" with solar was $20 if I remember right. They were metal, and about 4" from the bottom it had the piece that comes out 6" then turns downward, to help stabilize it in the ground. So they are meant to be put into the lawn/ground.

There were some maybe 10" tall 2-tone cherebum that were $15, black metal chandeliers with led candles that were $35 I think. White pool noodles with different color leds that did different light modes. They were around 48" and were $10. They also had 24" tall pedestals/columns for gazing balls (or whatever you'd want to put on them) for $20.

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