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We had 37 people show up at one point or another this year, it was so much fun. The theme was Zombie-fied TV or movie character and a good majority dressed up. We had a range of ages 14-65 and they all had a blast. We played Tempt your Fate, always fun. We did the candy corn drop in a cup game, we did pass the heart relay and throughout the night we play a game called Drink If.... Simple as that, I have a list of statements and you drink if they apply to you. It's a great filler and gets everyone loosened up.Below are a few of the costumes, I have more uploaded to an album on my profile, didn't know how to link it. Next year's theme is The 60's Zombie-fied. Event Recreation Games Team
Picture frame Room Fawn Art
Hatter Gentleman Headgear Portrait Facial hair


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