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2014 yard haunt

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Here are some pictures of my yard setup this year.

Lighting Light Night House Christmas lights

Full view of the house

Purple Violet Light Blue Lighting

Front porch

Violet Purple Pink Light Blue


Darkness Performance Night Fiction Performance art

Shiatsu coffin zombie

Purple Violet Light Lighting Night


Lighting Light Night Event Architecture

My witch

Light Lighting Night Darkness

The grave yard
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Looks great. I love the lighting. What did you use? LEDs?
Excellent use of lighting... And the beef netting too!!

Great work!!! :)
It's beautiful! Love the colors. Wonderful props.
That looks like a lot of fun.
I just am never satisfied with my beef netting webs. Yours are fabulous! (I'm going to have to study them.) :)

Happy Halloween!
Great setup & the lighting is beautiful!
I just am never satisfied with my beef netting webs. Yours are fabulous! (I'm going to have to study them.) :)
Agreed the webs look amazing, I am starting some tonight so I will be studying these as well! Nice job, lighting is excellent as well! :)
Thank you all! I'm using all LED spots and two of those fire and ice spot lights.
I think the key to the beef netting is stretching it as tight as you can, anchoring it at four points or more, cut your holes and layering it. I also used those Xmas light clips that hook on your siding.
Thanks for the information on how you accomplished all this. You did a really great job on your whole haunt.
Looks great, I'm jealous!
this is great! looks like you put a LOT of work in.
Fantastic!! What kind of camera do you use to take such clear non grainy pics at night? Do you mind sharing the settings on it?
Matrixmom I'm using a little Sony Cyber-shot. I set it to the twilight/night setting and have it on a tripod. The exposure is about 1-2 seconds.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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