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WK, I read the comment about heat and females on a gardening site...I can't remember which one it was now. ETA: maybe gardenweb.com? We have been in the 100s or very close to it (98, 99) for about two months and recently got down to 93-95 each day for the past few days. How hot does it get by you?

I am going to try eggshells again. :)
Feed nitrogen early for leafy growth and then phosphorus and potassium when things start to flowers. That's pretty much for anything, not just pumpkins. And a lot of plants were set fruit in heat. Where in SoCal are you? I'm inland and between the drought and the heat, have pretty much given up trying to garden. I didn't do pumpkins this year, because they take too much water. My tomatoes have barely set any fruit.
1 - 2 of 640 Posts
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