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2014 Pumpkin Patch Thread

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Anybody started yet? Yesterday I tilled my garden and got it ready for planting. I live in south Georgia so risk of frost was gone a month ago. I plan on getting some seeds this week to go along with the seeds I saved from carving last year and plant Saturday. This is my second year attempting to grow with last year not going too well. I had a couple of pumpkins reach the size of baseballs and softballs but ended up turning to mush seemingly overnight. Crossing my fingers this year for at least a couple of good carving pumpkins this year.
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Question - does anyone know why they discontinued the foam blown jack-o-lanterns? I am not real keen on the the plastic ones. Did the foam lit ones let off some sort of toxic gas? I don't have them indoors so I would think that wouldn't be a problem. But if they also created carcinogens or used fossil fuels or the skin of dead babies then I would probably not want to use them however I think they were pretty safe.

I've looked online "google" and the only place I can find any is on e-bay. Now I do shop at Goodwills all around and every place I get a chance to go but these are still few and far between. I've only got about 40 pumpkins but can always use more.
Not so much the carvable ones, I haven't yet tried to tackle that feat of artism at this point. I'm not so much looking to buy any now but I haven't seen the pre-fab'ed carved ones for sale at any stores but Goodwill.
1 - 2 of 640 Posts
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