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2014 Pumpkin Patch Thread

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Anybody started yet? Yesterday I tilled my garden and got it ready for planting. I live in south Georgia so risk of frost was gone a month ago. I plan on getting some seeds this week to go along with the seeds I saved from carving last year and plant Saturday. This is my second year attempting to grow with last year not going too well. I had a couple of pumpkins reach the size of baseballs and softballs but ended up turning to mush seemingly overnight. Crossing my fingers this year for at least a couple of good carving pumpkins this year.
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This will be my first year planting pumpkins. I grew them as a kid once, got maybe 5 decent pumpkins. I intend to be a bit more serious this time.

First, I'll be buying seeds from Harris seeds, the main provider for professional pumpkin growers and farmers market providers. The Howden is a dependable breed, but the Cronus, the Magic Lantern and the Gladiator look and sound fantastic - resistant to powdery mildew, dependable round shapes, thick walls, strong stems.

I'll be planting around the middle of June, which should give me pumpkins a couple of weeks before Halloween. (115-120 days mature time). We almost never get a frost in the first half of October. I'll plant in the back yard in small raised mounds with fish emulsion for fertilizer, then just let them go and see how they do.

The one thing I want to do is set the young fruit upright, so they can achieve that round, slightly squat look the best pumpkins have.
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