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2014 panaromic composite photos

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here's a couple pics of my front yard taken the night after ... also had a bunch of stuff on the porch that isn't shown here

they're over exposed ... looked much better in "real life" ... with fog machines and sound

had a video playing in the scrim that is shown between two of the shower curtains in the 1st pic ... another in an upstairs window and still another in a front window on the porch ... they're obviously not playing in these pics

apparently we were too scary for a bunch of people ... the video in the scrim was a composite of 3 atmosfearfx videos ... apparently the unliving portraits video was too much for many ... they sound in it is "scary" ... i can see where some might be disturbed by it ...

had a father that walked 1/2 way up and stopped ... told his offspring to take what we were giving and to hurry back down ... lol!

speaking to one of the garbage collectors that came, he said that he was freaked out with what we had done and how everything looked so professional ... :)

almost everyone took pictures ... so i guess they liked the display

only got about 210 tots ... was thinking that 300 or more would come because we had a ton of cars stop by leading up to the big night as we were setting up in the week, and more, prior ...

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