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The 2014 season has started with my show bike. It starts in January. This year I decided to beef up my graveyard display. Although this is still NOT 100% done. Sadly my coffin which will display my bike was not finished, as I still have to install the turn table to hold and spin the bike. But it was enough to win 1st pace in Class and Best of Show in display. I'm inclosing some pictures for you guys to see.




The little angels I got from Spirit this year after Halloween. These cost me $50 well worth it, and the talk of the display. The Kids loved them.


This is as you enter the front gates although the general public could not enter the display. I got this Bird bath fountain from Spirit after Halloween ($25.00)...I decided NOT to run the water, and make it abandoned, added a few crows, and some spanish moss for ageing. Worked excellent!


Roll up moss on a role works well, in combo with brown mulch, wood chips, and real leaves, it made the cemetary look perfect!

This is the side view on the left hand side of the cemetary.


This is the back side of the cemetary. The Custom tombstone has my REAL last name on it it (WALTER), I added some old "Grapevine" leaves, and a Breathing grave. People were amazed. The center sign is the name of the bike including year 2005. I made this last year. It is made of plywood with laminate marble covering. Looks just like granit, you cant tell the difference inless you touch it. People asked me how much that weighed. LOL, I built a grim reaper next to him. Dead lillys added to the touch. Next year the grim reaper will have a cello (real one) sitting on a gravestone) lol.


A Close up of my personal grave with the breathing grave. Lighted up with dirt and leaves this is awsome. A MUST for anyone doing a grave.


This is the "Granit sign for the bike" 2005 is the year. Soul Searcher is the name of the bike and the grim reaper I made. I also put a vase of wilting black roses on the top. Last year I had the Hell Boy angel, this year I went with the reaper next to it. I got the roses from Spirit at the mall after Halloween. $15.00..They wilted everytime someone passed by.


This is the reaper...I made this guy for very cheap. A after Halloween skeleton from Target $15.00, hes on a 1 x 1 stick base tied to him so he dont tip, and 2 x 2 wood base to stand. His black cloth gold drape I bought at a fabric place near me, they are the best for cool fabrics. Its back with gold malar. The rope was a Buck ($1). For $25 including tax this is the result!


This is another custom tombstone done. Does ANYONE know who that is? Look it up on Google... Im a big fan of the show, and thats who was my favorite. Sadly she let her mouth do her in haha...Old REAL grape vines cover the tombstone, with an add on of green leafs from the dollar store. Not bad...A violet flower accents the stone.


This is the right side of the graveyard. It included a few more tombstones and the Talking Mary tombstone, which seemed to freak people out. Again I got the Mary tombstone after Halloween for $25...


There were several animals in the graveyard besides the 10 or so black crows and ravens.

"Taz" named after my Sheltie who passed away 5+ years ago flanks the right side. He is my mascot to the bike. I had him last year and he will be there every show.


The newest addition "Bambie" lol





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Heres afew more shots.

This is general shot of the bike right and left side


[Of course then thier always the model shots for the show and promotional.





Last but not least Playboy model Angelia from PLAYBOY"

Here is my casket, this is a real coffin, yes you could be burried in it. Although it did not make the show in January, I'm hopeing to have it ready for the April National Show. The Bike will sit on top and spin (Slowly on its turn table while the coffin rest in place. People say Coffins are expensive. NOT if you shop!
First off Most if not ALL will deliever free. Next I bought this in Texas from a Coffin/Casket company who sell to cemetaries and funeral places. YES the general public can buy them. This cost me $650..20G Steel...Its Gloss Black with Silver accents. I did lay in it for the hell of it. Pretty compfy haha, really theres not much to a casket dont let the funeral parlors fool you or those dead bodies you see at a wake/funeral..Theres not much to them. Anyone want info I can show you were I bought mine. Of course buying them from a funeral place or whatever you would pay alot A real lot. Discount casket companies are the way to go, they sell wholesale to the general public. Why would you buy a real casket from the a halloween place for $500 - $600 Ive seen them for as much as $1400 to $2000 when you can buy the real deal from one of these places. You wouldn't, the issue is MOST people dont know. AND IF someone dies, the funeral place for sure wont tell you. They want you to buy thiers. Funeral places charge from $2500 for carboard to $8000 for something almost like this. To buy this from a funeral place its about $4500.00 Read some stuff on buying REAL caskets. You have the right its the law. LOL. SERIOUSLY!


The neigbors weren't to happy when they deivered it. They already know Im weird and do Film work and horror movies for a living. I was away for the day, when they dropped it off at the end of my driveway. Of course all my neighbors are nosey anyway, and always wonder what Im doing, so they weren't to thrilled when the driver said this was a real casket when they asked hahaha..Then when I got home I opened it up at the end of my driveway and had a freind help me carry it to my lawn haha..



This is my nice neighbor and helped open up the crate. He asked if I was going to kill my GF and dig a hole out back. LOL



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I didn't even know know there was abike show in Feb in Seattle. Whats the name of it? The next bike show is the Spring International show in Toronto..Then the National show in April...Then I have to check the schedule. Haha..I like to do Seattle. I use to live in Alaska so Seattle is no stranger to me.. Mike
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