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2013 Walking Dead Halloween Party

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My 2013 Walking Dead Themed Halloween Party

Boarded up windows made from 4' styrofoam boards
Property Home House Lighting Night

Carved grooves with knife, base coat black, then brown overtop
Wood Furniture Room Hardwood Shelf

Bait to distract the walkers
Yellow Room Floor Pipe Ceiling

Morgan's bamboo spike traps
Stairs Room Handrail Ladder

Net with trip wire
Ceiling Room Wall Property House

Morgan's tripwire fire axe trap, carved and painted styrofoam piece for head
Ceiling Room

Morgan's crazy writing on the wall, gray paper from teacher's supply store, chalk and spray paint
Text Font Orange Calligraphy Art

Map of Rick's town, Molotov cocktails, plastic guns, ammo boxes
Room Wall Furniture Technology Media

More writing, covered whole room
Wall Room Interior design Textile Curtain

Morgan's Arsenal, plastic guns, sea bag stuffed with newspaper to seem more filled
Firearm Gun Outerwear Airsoft gun Handgun holster

Gun Firearm Airsoft gun

Map of Atlanta, marked with food/weapon caches, herds, places of interest, No place is safe
Map Atlas Text Line World

Canned food, camping gear, foraged food
Mason jar Shelf Canning Food storage containers Room

Food in jars made of baked/painted clay, then clear wax for making candles dumped in
Mason jar Preserved food Canning Pickling Tursu

Saved up cans for a few months, opened them from bottom, then hot glued them around the edges of stacked up cardboard boxes to make it seems like there were more cans than there really are, dusted with spray paint to make them seem weathered. Made the middle layer detachable so it can be split in half for easier storage later.
Canning Product Pantry Tin can Spice rack

Hanging furs, made from stuffed animals
Room Wall Ceiling Textile Kitchen

Water jugs, hanging meat from clothes hanger, made from painted Great Stuff foam
Room Property Purple Interior design Furniture

MRE box, contained utensils and styrofoam divided trays instead of regular plates for looted military look
Furniture Table Pattern Design Floor
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Dining room was where food was served, regular table clothes to go for fortified normal house look

Plastic cockroaches on and around food tables to give appearance of abandoned/uncleaned house
Insect Pest Beetle Parasite Invertebrate

Zombie doorbuster plastic door cover, picked up at halloween store for $5
Art Painting Room Portrait Visual arts

Wall of remembrance, photos of all the characters that have died on the show, printed on glossed photo paper, flowers, flameless/regular candles, mementos
Room Furniture Fireplace Living room Property

Art Collage Collection Photography Event

Shotgun guy from season 1, Carved and painted styrofoam head, plastic gun, blood letter made from hardened liquid resin painted with dark red wood stain. Probably would do the letters differently next time, they were very fragile. But none of the blood I use stains, everything is hard/dry but looks wet. Also...on another note, had to make a left hand for the guy by painting a plastic glove and stuffing it, apparently every body part you buy in a store is a right hand/arm
Wall Room Text Furniture Design

Art Killer whale

Broken mirror from Hershel's farm where the daughter tries to kill herself. Cut to size acrylic mirror from TAP plastics, same size as real bathroom mirror so I could use original mirror mounts, cut with rotary tool to make it look broken but its 100% safe for a party. Cut out a triangle shard and put some dark red wood stain on edge.
Orange Room Interior design Light fixture Art

Pink Room

Bathroom reading, "How To Survive The End of the World As We Know It"
Still life photography

Top deck, Rooftop AC unit where Rick left Meryl in Season 1 until he cut off his own hand to escape, severed hand with handcuff, spare duct work from remodeling, AC unit made from scrap painted cardboard from patio table
Tree Waste container House Metal Recycling bin

Makeshift graves made from scrap wood
Land lot Cemetery Grass Tree Yard
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Basement made to look like hospital where Rick wakes up in Season 1

Doors made of syrofoam wall insulation, put motion acitvated zombie hands in door opening that move when the door was touched, moved ceiling tiles and hung scrap wires, also put a strobe light in drop ceiling to make it seem like sparking live wires
Wall Room Art

Chain Fashion accessory Necklace Jewellery Bridle

Wall Room Art

Wall covered with painted plastic sheets, bar hand liquor/mixers and random hospital stuff
Interior design Table Room Pink Textile

Asked around for a wheel chair, painted Great Stuff foam corpse body in a doctors coat
Wheelchair Motorized wheelchair Product Chair Furniture

Corpse torso I bought last year in a painters coveralls to look like a doctor/hazmat guy was hiding under waiting room chairs. Bought stick on signs for the doors to make it seem more like a hospital and not a basement

Medical equipment on bar, test tubes, cotton balls covered in blood inside petri dishes, blunt tip needles, microscope with slides with blood, medical documents, bite picture, computer which I used for music
Text Paper Document Paper product

Electronics Screen Technology Electronic device Gadget

Subwoofer covered in wires, store bought arm with painted Great Stuff foam to make it seem more realistic than just a severed body part with a bone sticking out the end
Wire Electrical wiring Technology Electronic device Computer cooling

Made some hospital brochures and other medical documents to scatter around
Text Product Advertising

Text Poster session Poster

Bed where Rick woke up Season 1, blood stained painted sheets, garden hook spray painted silver for IV pole, Get Well Soon cards, dead flowers, scrap electronics for medical equipment, real X-Rays
Room Bedroom Property Bed Furniture

Room Bed Furniture Hospital Textile

Shelf Room Furniture Table

Material property Paper

Doctor zombies, will probably make a more detailed tutorial later, made from $45 5' plastic skeletons, used plastic grocery bags and heat shrinked plastic painter's dropcloth over top, this adds muscle mass and makes it look more like a zombie instead of a fleshy skeleton, for the head I used Latex mold/mask builder because I couldn't get the detail I needed with heat shrinked plastic. Used watered down brown/yellow paint on the plastic eyeballs, and red wood stain for the blood
Hair Outerwear Hairstyle Long hair Jacket

Human Zombie Fiction Mouth Fictional character

Fur Long hair Black hair Dress Outerwear

Head Sculpture Zombie Art Fiction
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Governor's Room in back room of the basement

Mirror, eyepatch, empty glass, brain bowl made from Great Stuff foam, picture of governor's family cropped and put into frame
Property Room Furniture Shelf

Room Food Glass

Governor's daughter, made from mannequin, styrofoam head covered in burlap sack, white long sleeve shirt with arms glued behind back and belts/chains for straightjacket
Dress Costume

Fish Tank zombie heads, made from styrofoam heads and latex model/mask builder, put a wig on the bottom female zombie and glued the hair and hung it upside down to dry, so when I put it right sight up, it looked the the zombie was suspended in water, tap lights with green film overtop make it look realistic
Green Light Darkness Room Fiction

Furniture Shelf Table Display case Antique

Face Head Forehead Sculpture Art

Forehead Head Nose Art Portrait

Map of Savannah, Governor's battle plans for attacking prison, photos printed on gloss paper of Rick's party
Art Room Textile Modern art Rectangle

Outside under deck, Woodberry zombie deathmatch arena, same technique as above for doctor zombies to make these, chained them to the desk posts
Zombie Human Art Human body Sculpture

Head Zombie Jaw Human Ghost

Zombie Fiction Human Ghost Art

Face Head Zombie Fiction Human

Morgan's zombie burnt corpse pile, made with paper mache bones, heat shrink wrapped in plastic then spray painted, skulls were bought for $5, made a dome out of chicken wire with Great Stuff spray foam on top, spray painted black/gray/white. Attached orange string lights underneath to simulate glowing coals, Didn't get a good picture, but I put 2 smoke machines underneath. At night it looked like a smoking/glowing/smouldering bone pile
Rock Auto part Wood ear Fungus

Me as Daryl Dixon, I was really hoping that he would have cut his hair this Season, but unluckily for me, it was longer than any other season, Barnett Jackal Crossbow, tips off of course
Design Plaid Tartan Pattern Cool

Bow and arrow Bow Compound bow Crossbow Cold weapon
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WOW that is amazing , i cannot believe how much work , time and effort it must have taken to add such detail and to create such a brilliant party setup ? you should have posted in the main section as this is full on , the whole place has had a zombie makeover ..... brilliant work . I particularly like the doors in the basement for the hospital series starter when rick woke up , i love the heads in the tanks you've captured the feel of all the series so well , excellent work and very very effective , for me this is one of the best full on Halloween themes of this year , so how long roughly have you been working on it ? i,m guessing many months ? did you take each room or area one at a time and finish each area with props etc before starting another or were you working on all the areas at the same time creating as you went through and adding as you needed ? ..... that's one hell of a party i wish i could have attended .... well done .
You thought of every detail and executed it very well. Plus, I can see who your fave character is too....;)
very greatly detailed man, awesome work. great execution (<--ha!)
I'm not a Walking Dead fan, but you did an absolutely outstanding job on everything. I love ALL of it.
I can't believe what I just saw!!!! What the heck?! How could you do all of that? I love Merle's hand, and Morgan's crazy place. Just all of the details are awesome! I have to show my husband after work today. Great job!! I only wish that I could pull off something that perfect.
Your attention to detail is phenomenal, what a treat! GREAT job and thanks for sharing!
Amazing! I love it, I hope I can pull something even half as good as this next year. Great job!!
I started reading the thread and looking at the pics, and was pretty impressed, then it kept going and going and going and going... You hit on every highlight of the entire series and did it very well too. This was really fun to see and you did an amazing job. This would have been a great party to attend!
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This is awesome!! So great... I couldn't shut my mouth, so impressive.
Very detailed and every season is considered. That's so amazing! Hats off! :cool:
best of 2013

This is a fantastic party. Such great details. Great job! I love it. Gotta be the best of the year!
I'm just catching up on posts after being away for "that other holiday" and man, this is GREAT !!! Now, how are you going to top what you've done for this year's party?? LOL
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