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So here is one of my real props for the year. I that because this is the year that my wife and I decided to get serious about our annual haunted house and make some cool props like you good folk do here. This (cruddy) video is of our Monster in the Box prop. In any case, I set it up with two sound tracks running on two different sets of speakers and MP3 players. THANKS in a big way to JasonB5449 for custom mixing the sounds for me.

The power comes in the from the cord and goes into a motion sensor (thanks for Sikntwizted, for that idea) and splits off from there to an outlet that is always powered for the first set of speaker and some glowing eyes powered by a 9v wall wart instead of a battery. Meanwhile the motion sensor will trigger a red light bulb with a flicker cord, the 12v converter for the wiper motor and the second set of speakers with a subwoofer too. Again thanks to Jason for the sounds. The more passive sound that is always on is a bunch of sniffing and grunting. The second sound track is that of a wild animal attack or a Gorilla-Dile as Jason put it. The attack sound is louder so it drowns out the first sound during the "attack"

Oh yeah, I built the box out of scrap pallets from my neighbor with his permission. In the end, I put in about $65 in parts for the guts. And about $4 in screws to build it. The rest was free or I had it lying around. This coming weekend I'll pick up some angle brackets and remove the screws on the sides to break it down and reassemble it for easy storage.

We held our haunted house this last Sunday and the MIB was a big hit!

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