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The 6 disc Home Haunters DVD Set containing over 90 haunts is available for pre-sale purchase. The set costs $28 but contributors get a 25% discount for $21. The price covers the cost to duplicate the discs including the case, labels, cover and shrink wrap. The remaining funds are used to purchase and ship the haunters video award trophies. Believe me we don't make ANY money on this project. We just break even. And if you count my time putting the set together and doing all the promotion it wouldn't be worth it if we didn't love our home haunting community.


Jeff & Chris Davis

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Already ordered mine. I wholeheartedly thank you from the bottom of my soul for making these available to us all. I am very surprised that everyone doesn't submit something to these sets, I mean this is what we do it all for, and there is no better way to have and share the memories than the dvd's of the big night and all the hard work. I know what a tremendous amount of work goes into this and you should be making some money doing all this work. I don't know about everyone else but I can't thank you enough for these dvd's. They will be cherished forever. Thank you!
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