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This could also be titled "how to sacrifice your kids and get away with it"! In 2012 i went with a Mayan Apocalypse theme. It was my biggest build so far (until 2014 - Pirates). I have always wanted a pyramid, so I made one. I found a bunch of cut down wood paneling at the local Habitat thrift store for a good price. So, I bought them out and started building. The frame for the slanted sides is mostly 2x2s. The center of the pyramid is held up by construction scaffolding. . All together from base to tip is 19 feet 6 inches. Because of my neighborhood, i cant leave out any props, so the whole this is modular and came down Halloween night. People are always shocked to drive by the next morning and everything is gone.

I am a huge history buff and have always been fascinated with Mayan ruins and culture. Several years back went to Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras on a Mayan tour. While there I visited a small ruin called Quirigua in rural Guatemala. There I photographed the most beautiful Stella in the Mayan world. I tried to recreate them here for my display. First, I copied drawings of the stellas onto overhead projector film. Them I projected them onto the styrofoam. using a variety of methods including router, x actor knives, soldering irons I carved the reliefs. I then applied the carving to towers made of 2 x 2s and Masonite. Once all this was completed, I painted them.

I made the candy table out of an old metal framed gazebo that had been blown apart during a storm and thatched it with corn stalks.

I also make all my own costumes. Its time consuming but lots of fun. This one was based on pictures of Mayan kings.

Back to my secondary title. "How to sacrifice a kid and get away with it". This is George. He is my neighbors son. As you can tell, he is a huge help when building (not). But he's a fun kid and begs me for a part every year. So that year I told him he was going to be the human sacrifice. I would pretend to stab him then show his still beating heart to the crown as he slowly rolled down the steps of the pyramid. He was a huge hit with the crowds.


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