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2010 - Project 7 the Mausoleum Instructor's Thread

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Project: the Mausoleum

Start Date: This is a project that will start in February. We are posting it early due to the size & cost of construction so members will at least know it is on the schedule. This project has already been built by the instructor & a set of instructions along with pictures can be found in the tutorials section. Thats what we will use to work along with the instructor.

Instructor: TK421

Materials list to follow.
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Materials List for Mausoleum Project

table saw
meter saw
box knife style razor cutter (for styrofoam)
tape measure
metal straight edge (for cutting straight lines)

Materials List:

12 1x4x8 boards (look through the stacks at your local lumber store for straight boards with few knots

1 lb. box 1 5/8" wood screws (this will be more than you need, but better to have too many)

6-8 3/4"x 4'x8' sheets of styrofoam ( I can't give a specific number because you may want to do something different with the sides or face of your mausoleum. For my own, I think I used 8 pieces of 3/4" pill styrofoam)

1 jug Titebond II All weather Wood Glue ( This is my personal choice of all weather wood glue, but most white glues will work)

Additional Materials:
You will need the finishing materials you desire. Ornamentation, paint, textures, etc..

If anyone has questions please post them in the students thread.
Thank You
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PDF Tutorial Download

I will be teaching this course in February, but I have written up a tutorial in PDF format and posted it on my site.

If you would like to download the PDF, DOWNLOAD HERE.
Welcome everyone!!!

Okay, welcome anyone?

Anyone out there interested in making a great looking mausoleum for around $200?

This is a great spring or summer project as it may be a bit too big (or tall) for some garages.

I will be here to answer any questions and give out loads of practical knowledge and lessons learned.
Here is a link to my main tutorials page. From there, you should be able to launch the Mausoleum Build PDF.

You can also try this direct link to launch the PDF file. This link will launch the PDF file, so if it doesn't load, you may need to update your Adobe PDF settings.
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