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2009 Shiatsu Massager Psycho Halloween Prop

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I made this prop from a shiatsu massager. I also made the head from a foam head with clay and latex. This prop will be displayed in my tortured chamber. I hope you enjoy!
YouTube - 2009 Shiatsu Massager Psycho Halloween Prop
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Just a more realistic head and it would look just like the ones they sell for a small fortune. Good work.
Good job, i bet when they see that start moving they will keep away from it.
Great prop. Have you thought about trying to make the head pivot front to back from the momentum?
In a dark room with a little light and that thing will scare the TOTs half to death!
looks awsome. Can you please explain how you link to the massager.
I'm going to take a picture of the inside so you can see how it is hooked up. Actually out of all the motors I worked with the Shiatsu Massager was the easiest. As for the neck I'm going to try cutting the pvc pipe at the neck and adding plastic ties. I will only leave a little room for movement. I will take a video later of the results. Also thanks for all the nice comments. :)
That excellent prop in the right lighting and accompanied with a good soundtrack would scare anybody. Great work.
I'm a mover nut. I'd love to see how you worked this motor. Never thought about this motor. Thanks!!

Love the whole prop!!!
wow nice job ......and I love the stitching on the mouth............nice or not nice .........well you get it nice job
Cool prop. Which Shiatsu Massager did you use?
Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I've decided to change the head a little to make it more realistic. Not sure if I accomplished it, but let me know if it looks better of worse? I could always throw a mask over it if it doesn't look good. I gave the neck movement, so I think that makes it more realistic. I also changed the location of the straps that hold the shiatsu massager in place to give it more of a back and forth movement. Anyway let me know if I screwed the prop up by changing it or if it looks better? Thanks for any feedback. Sorry no pictures of the inside I have to much padding to get a good shot of how I hooked it up.
YouTube - New Improvements 2009 Shiatsu Massager Psycho Animated Halloween
I like the changes. I'm still wondering which Shiatsu Massager you used. I googled it and there are many types available. If it's an inexpensive one I'd like to make this prop.
I was able to check the name on the shiatsu massager and it says its a Pollenex Rub Down Shiatsu Massager. I googled it and unfortunately I couldn't find it. I think a similar one would be: SHIATSU NECK BODY MASSAGER - eBay (item 300345219745 end time Sep-12-09 14:57:09 PDT)
I got mine from a garage sale that a friend picked up for me. Good Luck!

Here is another link from a member on Hauntforum that gave me the idea for this prop. I hope this helps: Psycho (shiatsu) Sam - HauntForum.com

YouTube - New Improvements 2009 Shiatsu Massager Psycho Animated Halloween
ooooh that is freaky! Would scare me seeing that writhing around. :eek:
Great job!
The improvements were time well spent. Especially the neck motion. Definately gives it a more realistic motion. Nice work!
Excellent job! The changes are great! The movements are much creepier now.
WOW looks awesome!!!
Great job!! I say a cool blue LED light shining on it would really add to the effect or RED even.
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