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Well, this will be my first year to have my own Halloween party. I am planning to do an old, victorian style, abandon-ish, house. Haha. So anyways, I am going to try at making a facade for the buiding. (By the way, it is a 2-car, maybe 3, garage.) It will be pretty big and will come apart in 4 pieces for easy storing. Here are the plans for the facade:

Im not sure what it will look like, I decide that once I build it, but pretty much like an old house. (Imagine that!) As for the inside, it will be a dining/living room. I will have old furniture and maybe a fake fireplace. The walls will be green with pictures along them. A big dining room table will be in the middle with a chadelier over it where some people can eat. A "mouse hole" will be where the fog comes in. Here are the plans for the inside:

Sorry, it's simple. After the guests eat, they will be lead to our backyard for a haunted trail through the woods called "Twisted Oaks Forest". I hope our first year will be a success!!!
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