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Hey all. Well 08 has passed and what a busy last 3 days. I will back up to Halloween day 9am. Started to put the last of the props out. The hearse decided it was not going to play nice on a test run. After a couple of hours i got it back up. I did a complete walk through and tested all the sensors, all was good. Brought out the table and our sign in podium and set it all up for our contest. This year was 10 questions about the haunt. So now it is 2pm and i am off to my sons school for his Halloween parade where all the kids in the school parade around the parking lot in costumes. This was sad for me because this is his last year at this school and i am out of little one's. I went to this school a lifetime ago and did the same halloween tradition. So for this to come to an end is kinda sad.
Back at home at 3:30pm and i have to eat now or there will be no chance later. Kids and adults started showing up at 5:30. My little guy, Tyler was our guide for the walk through and this little man was worn out. Once it started it was non stop till about 10pm and even then i had to turn away folks. Tyler led so many groups through i lost count. My best guess by signatures in our guest book and the amount of candy given out. I would have to say we had 300 tots and adults. Last year we had 70.
The comments where great and a couple stick in my head. First was a young girl who came out and said that this was better than disney world. Another was a woman who said that our haunt was better then the zoo,s. No you have to understand our local zoo puts on a huge walk through for a few weekends. So to hear this comment meant a lot to me. Then their where others like, We look forward to your house every year. We have been watching every day to see what you have been putting out.
We had no major prop failure which surprised me to death on the account of all the groups that went through. I only had 1 fogger go bad and 1 mini strobe.
What i learned this year was. Planning does make the difference. The coach mans opening lines where to long. People did not want to wait to the end of his speach to move on. I have to get more video cameras and put them on specific props. Trying to use just 2 on a wide view does not do any justice. The bottomless pit needs a heat source in it to keep it from fogging up. I had to clean it at least 25 times.
Every thing is now down and put away other than the hearse. I am waiting for the winner of our contest to pick up their prize and want to take some pictures with the hearse in the back round. I spent some time late last night just wandering around the front yard thinking how empty it felt and in the basement just starring at the props feeling sad........:(
Now some thank you's. To my son Tyler. A little boy who gave up trick or treating to lead all the tours. To my wife Tammy. For making sure people got to enter the contest. To my wife's friend judy. She jumped in and took over candy detail for people coming out of the haunt. With out these 3 the haunt would have fell apart....To all my fellow haunters hear on the forum. What can i say. You guys are just great...
Now to try and put together some video to send to the Halloween propmaster. Paul does a great job putting together a dvd set every year with all the haunts that get sent to him. This is great come late winter. Gives me hours of haunts to watch while it's snowing outside. I also need to update the web site.........
On to next year for something totaly new and i will need the help of my fellow haunters to pull this off. I plane on starting a thread and keep it going through out the year on the progress of 2009 Burrhill Boneyard........I am wore out.....Time to rest for a while and just relish in the thoughts of how great this year went.....
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