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2008, 2009 Prop/Project o' th' Year Poll an' Haunters Choice Award

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Think's I does, tha' we need (or should 'ave) a Prop'/Project o' th' Year poll an' award.. ta acknowledge th' brain cells tha' 'ad givin' their lives ta make ourrrrr 2008, an' upcomin' 2009, Gotta-Have Halloween props... Award prize can be anythin', from a Certificate o' Achievement drawn on parchment an' suitable framed wit' popcycle sticks ;) ta a gift card from th' Spirit Store..

Ask ya all, I do, ta nominate yer 2008 Haunters Choice Prop/Project o' th' Year..

Ya can nominate yerself, yer buddy, yer spouse, yer arch enemy, yer dog (if 'e designed/built a prop), an' we shall see who is 'eld in regards as th' Grand Poobah fer 2008.. FCG, Poppers, skulls (3-axis or naught), foggers, cannons, tombstones, corpsing stuff, anythin' prop or prop project (even ongoin') be suitable.. hardware, software, ideaware, underware (..jus' ta see if yer payin' attention..) e'erythin's eligible.. jus 'as ta be prop-related 'mates..

Without anyfurthar adue.. 'ands down I nominate, with great ferver I might add, Mr. (Jump on Me Bandwagon) HalloweenBob and this years 2008's Haunters Choice Award nominee, th' 3-axis Talking Skull, savvy?

Capt. Jack
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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