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20 Years of haunting

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Hello everyone,

2015 will mark the 20th aniversary of The Nightmare Family Halloween Haunt. I really can't believe it's been 20 years since we took The Nightmare Family name. So this year i want to do something special for TOT's. I was thinking of giving out full sized cany bars to the first 20 TOT's in honor of the 20 years, or giving away a couple of tombstones this year. and who knows, now that my oldest is 18 and will graduate this year i might retire from the haunt and pass it down to her and devote my time to my production company. What do you guy's think?
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· black light queen
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here's an idea that you might want to consider ... or not, lol!

i'm seriously thinking of making a ton of great stuff foam skulls to hand out to the tots ...

i "recently" did a comparison of the varieties of great stuff here => http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/140413-great-stuff-foam-comparison.html?highlight=

i can get about 16 skulls out of a can of the "big gap filler" and at about $4 per can it costs about $0.25 per skull! the main issue is going to be the time in making the 300 skulls & storing them ... but i have time ... i've already make a bunch with my experiments and have a couple of boxes done

what attracts me to this idea is that its something that no one is doing ... and its different ... i mean you can get candy & chocolate bars everywhere ... but a foam skull in addition to the normal candy treat ... they'll be talking about it for ever ...

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