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20 Years of haunting

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Hello everyone,

2015 will mark the 20th aniversary of The Nightmare Family Halloween Haunt. I really can't believe it's been 20 years since we took The Nightmare Family name. So this year i want to do something special for TOT's. I was thinking of giving out full sized cany bars to the first 20 TOT's in honor of the 20 years, or giving away a couple of tombstones this year. and who knows, now that my oldest is 18 and will graduate this year i might retire from the haunt and pass it down to her and devote my time to my production company. What do you guy's think?
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I don't know the logistics of your haunt, so can't say whether to hand it off. If I handed mine off, it would be to my oldest daughter, but they don't have the storage to take it, so I would still be involved lugging things around. To me, handing off, is showing up at her house on the 31st and helping out. If I'm still doing lots of work, then I'll just keep haunting myself...currently I have no plans to hand anything off.

As for full size, I hand those out to all ToTers already...if you are going to celebrate, you have to go with King-size
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