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Before I do the inside, I started off in the front yard. I wanted to share.

The first is an Underground Goblin.
I used:
- a hollowed out A/C unit
- a goblin head I found at a Halloween store a few years ago
- two $1 hands from Dollar Tree, painted with green craft paint

The second is a stitched mouth guy who is currently set up on my front porch.
I used simply an old mask from a thrift store I got for $2 and a burlap releasable grocery bag. The mask/head is actually suspended from the porch post with fishing line. I thought when the wind would blow it would give him a very subtle movement effect.

I know these static props aren't fancy, but I liked how they looked and wanted to share. Thanks! :D

(Sorry, not sure why photos are being uploaded with wrong rotation)


1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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