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Anyone have any 4 person group costume ideas? My husband and I want to do a group costume with my friend and her boyfriend, but kinda at a loss for cool ideas. We had originally wanted to do the Village People, but can't find two others to commit to the 6 people that we need. So, now we're back to thinking of a 4 person group.

Any thoughts on this one?

We want to do a specific group, not just four similar characters, like a group of zombies or something.... But doesn't have to necessarily be a group of 2 guys and 2 gals.

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- 3 blind mice & the farmer's wife
- Monty Python ( Not sure if they look iconic enough for you to pull that off
- 4 horsemen of the apocalypse
- Two different versions of Marty & Doc from the Back to the Future trilogy
- 4 different cryptids (like bigfoot, the yeti, mermaids, etc)
- The Ninja Turtles
- 4 different stages of 1 musician/icon's career (David Bowie, Madonna, etc)
- The Fantastic Four
- Delivery people from 4 different restaurants
- The Marx Brothers
- Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, & Toadstool
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