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2 Couples Group Costume Ideas

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Anyone have any 4 person group costume ideas? My husband and I want to do a group costume with my friend and her boyfriend, but kinda at a loss for cool ideas. We had originally wanted to do the Village People, but can't find two others to commit to the 6 people that we need. So, now we're back to thinking of a 4 person group.

Any thoughts on this one?

We want to do a specific group, not just four similar characters, like a group of zombies or something.... But doesn't have to necessarily be a group of 2 guys and 2 gals.
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Well there always KISS......but been done 10,000 times already. But their are the Marx Brothers. Or the three Musketeers with Dartanian to make the 4th. Wizard of OZ. The four Azgardians from Thor. The fantastic four. The Beatles. The Monkeys. There are a few ideas to start with.
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Thanks Harboe! This gives me something to start with. And yes, KISS has been done a million times over! :)
In 2014 our family went to HAuNTcon costume ball as characters from American Horror Story, you could pick one season and go as characters from a single season or pull from various seasons?
How about devo,that would be fun! Lol
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How about devo,that would be fun! Lol
Ha! That's too funny! If only my husband hadn't already done a Devo costume a few years back!
- 3 blind mice & the farmer's wife
- Monty Python ( Not sure if they look iconic enough for you to pull that off
- 4 horsemen of the apocalypse
- Two different versions of Marty & Doc from the Back to the Future trilogy
- 4 different cryptids (like bigfoot, the yeti, mermaids, etc)
- The Ninja Turtles
- 4 different stages of 1 musician/icon's career (David Bowie, Madonna, etc)
- The Fantastic Four
- Delivery people from 4 different restaurants
- The Marx Brothers
- Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, & Toadstool
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