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2 Channel Lightning Setup (SOLD)

I am looking to get rid of my lightning kit. I will only sell as a lot. You will need a CD player/amplifier with RCA outputs to make this work. When it is connected and used with the supplied CD, it will create a full 2 channel light/sound show. This was one of my favorite effects. :)

Included in this lot:

(1) stereo thunder/lightning storm CD
(2) Light F/X sound to light control boxes
(1) pair of RCA cables
(2) 3 way outdoor plugs
(3) what I believe are 50 foot outdoor green extension cords.
(1) 75 of 100 foot green outdoors extension cord (with 2 pairs of speaker wire taped along it.
(4) ground stake PAR38 floodlight cans with white halogen floods included.

Looking for $75 OBO + plus shipping.

Wire Electrical wiring Cable Technology Electronic device

Wire Technology Electronic device Cable Electrical wiring
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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