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Well I am moving and having to part with some of my decor. Sadly, I have 2 3-axis skulls that I started on, but never got beyond the build phase. I wont have the time or energy or space for these for at least the next few years, so instead of them sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, I'd like someone else to enjoy them.

I have 2 identical setups and I am asking $200 each plus $10 to ship

Each includes a lindberg pirate skull, monster guts gimbal style 3-axis skull kit armiture ( one I purchased, one I fabricated), hitec 425bb servos (485hb heavy duty for nod), Frankenstein skull controller with soundboard and sd card (created by the forums own Halstaff), power supply and I small enclosure I put together to house the controller with the power supply.

The controller has been flashed, but I never got around to programming it, but it is very user friendly. Halstaff has great instructions on his website. I do know all servos were operational and working, just not synced to audio yet. You will only need to supply power cord like goes in the back of a pc
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