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2:20 AM December 13th-60 degrees1

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Where is everybody? Good time to go see a haunted house, like Ravens Grin Inn mount Carroll, Ill.
We had 2 people tonight,lots of fun, Newbies from100miles away, left the kids at home,will be coming back, bringing those kids next time!
"She" thought"He" was pretending to be scared, then I scared HER! (2-4- 0ne sale!)
Having FUN TONIGHT!! (Insert evil laugh here~)
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I'm in Florida, but if I ever get over to your side of your state I'm definitely stopping by! Today is my birthday, we're spending the weekend at Universaland it has been unseasonally warm, yesterday was over 80! Last night was 55, but I couldn't enjoy it, was asleep early from all the walking and roller coasters I did! :D
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