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1st party. Want to make it the BEST!

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Hello! I'm so glad there is an entire forum for "crazies" like me that start planning for Halloween early on...since like November 1st!?

So this year will be my first full-blown Halloween bash. I have a small space and most of my friend's are not into Halloween like me, so I'm having trouble deciding what kind of party to throw.

The theme I am toying with is definitely ghosts/haunted house. I am thinking of something along the lines of "true love never dies" So I somehow want to incorporate love and ghost into the them. This is where the struggle starts. What should be my theme be? I don't know if I should even have a theme/costumes guest should adhere to since they are not into it like I am.

As you can see, I'm very confused! Any suggestions for what route I should take and what themes I could use? I'm open to ANYTHING that's haunted house/ghost themed. Thanks!
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Love Triangle Murder Mystery Game?

I think the key to a good party is getting the guests involved. We had a family Halloween party last year centered on a Mad Scientist theme. The kids were involved with making slime and bubbling potions, and the parents were assisting with the "experiments." Lots of good laughs. By the end of the event, everyone was dancing the hokey pokey and doing the limbo dance (not very Halloweenish, I agree, but a lot of fun — especially with kids).

For your theme "true love never dies," I immediately thought of a twist on a murder mystery game. Everyone is given a small part to play in advance — perhaps after confirming the invite list. The story could evolve around a love triangle that ends in murder. You could leave clues around the area for people to inspect, combine that with the little acted-out scenes, and give out some prizes to the guests who solve the murder. Kinda like a life sized Clue game.

Lots of instructions for murder mysteries are on the web. Here's one page I immediately found on eHow: How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party | eHow.com
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