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Honestly our first party was BARELY decorated, and we didn't even have an invitation. It was word of mouth only, and we had about 25 people show up. THOSE 25 people told our other friends who didn't show up, and last year we had about 75 people show up. Last year we did a Wonderland Gone Mad theme, and now people EXPECT us to make it bigger and better than last year (a feat for sure!). We have about 110 CONFIRMED guests at this point, and we haven't even handed out the invites yet... YIKES. I'm telling you, if you are a fun hostess, and don't force stupid games on your guests, people will remember your party, and return next year, giving you more time to plan it out and get the people there. We sent out our FIRST Save the Date email on February 20th this year - and got about 30 responses at THAT time. The attendance will come in time, just be patient.

Unless you KNOW you have at LEAST 20 guests coming to the party (no matter how small the space), I wouldn't worry too much about the theme. True Love Never Dies is a great theme, assuming that most of your friends are involved or married. Single friends don't seem to really enjoy themes like that... it just reminds them that they are alone. I would go with something a little more generic for your first party. That's my two pennies. (Our First party was a combination of all things we loved (Pirates, Indiana Jones, Skeletons, Witches, etc))....We had cheap decorations you can buy from WALMART, and used ripped sheets for tattered sails of a ship on the patio, etc... REALLY was quite basic, but People loved it regardless.
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