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1st party. Want to make it the BEST!

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Hello! I'm so glad there is an entire forum for "crazies" like me that start planning for Halloween early on...since like November 1st!?

So this year will be my first full-blown Halloween bash. I have a small space and most of my friend's are not into Halloween like me, so I'm having trouble deciding what kind of party to throw.

The theme I am toying with is definitely ghosts/haunted house. I am thinking of something along the lines of "true love never dies" So I somehow want to incorporate love and ghost into the them. This is where the struggle starts. What should be my theme be? I don't know if I should even have a theme/costumes guest should adhere to since they are not into it like I am.

As you can see, I'm very confused! Any suggestions for what route I should take and what themes I could use? I'm open to ANYTHING that's haunted house/ghost themed. Thanks!
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One thing I would disagree with is 'Want to make it the BEST!'

At your first attempt, I would do the best you can...let your friends in gently...don't try and make it too complicated...get them used to the idea of the Halloween party, then each year you can make it better. If you make it the best the first time, where do you go from there? Encourage them to join in with the 'spirit' of Halloween, help them with ideas for costumes, use examples from films, even non-traditional love stories maybe, such as between Igor and Dr Frankenstein!!

Decorate the house on the theme of true love, maybe the lovers owned your house in the past, and now haunt it and no-one has been able to live there for years, so it is old and run-down. Maybe the dead lovers are either trying to prevent modern lovers from experiencing the pain they suffered, or trying to bring them together.....

One source of costumes is local drama/theatre groups. Costumes from any period could be used, if the guests are made to look dead, for example, bright 60's or 70's clothes against white/pale skin. What about military uniforms? A love affair between a dead GI and his gal! In this way, people can dress in clothes that they are comfortable in, rather than clothes that are perceived as costumes.

I would suggest that you bridge the gap between a 'normal' party and a full-blown Halloween scare! Once people have been to one, they almost certainly will want to come back next year to see how you can top it! Then you are on the Halloween rollercaster!!!


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