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1st party. Want to make it the BEST!

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Hello! I'm so glad there is an entire forum for "crazies" like me that start planning for Halloween early on...since like November 1st!?

So this year will be my first full-blown Halloween bash. I have a small space and most of my friend's are not into Halloween like me, so I'm having trouble deciding what kind of party to throw.

The theme I am toying with is definitely ghosts/haunted house. I am thinking of something along the lines of "true love never dies" So I somehow want to incorporate love and ghost into the them. This is where the struggle starts. What should be my theme be? I don't know if I should even have a theme/costumes guest should adhere to since they are not into it like I am.

As you can see, I'm very confused! Any suggestions for what route I should take and what themes I could use? I'm open to ANYTHING that's haunted house/ghost themed. Thanks!
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I agree with a lot of posts here. I think that true love never dies is a great idea for a theme. Perhaps if you have an attic you could set a recorder up in it with chain sounds or something sounding like it's bumping around up there even if it's just a crawlspace in the ceiling. Have some photos of a couple who were supposed to have lived in the house before and now haunt it is a great idea. I think with your invitations pulling your theme in will be really important and help your guests know what to expect for your party. You could also insert a sheet in with famous movie love couples that are dead or undead.... Think.......... the crow (Eric and Shelly)...... beetlejuice(Adam and Barbara)...............Ghost (Sam and Molly)........Night of the living dead 3 (Curt and Julie) these are just a few examples, but I hope it helps.
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