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1st party. Want to make it the BEST!

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Hello! I'm so glad there is an entire forum for "crazies" like me that start planning for Halloween early on...since like November 1st!?

So this year will be my first full-blown Halloween bash. I have a small space and most of my friend's are not into Halloween like me, so I'm having trouble deciding what kind of party to throw.

The theme I am toying with is definitely ghosts/haunted house. I am thinking of something along the lines of "true love never dies" So I somehow want to incorporate love and ghost into the them. This is where the struggle starts. What should be my theme be? I don't know if I should even have a theme/costumes guest should adhere to since they are not into it like I am.

As you can see, I'm very confused! Any suggestions for what route I should take and what themes I could use? I'm open to ANYTHING that's haunted house/ghost themed. Thanks!
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i had my first party last year. My theme was "Witches Lair" I only decorated the kitchen space with a scenic backdrop or stones , had a cauldron on the table with black table clothes green led lights under the cauldron as fire.. used cob webs and spiders and black roses play it up a bit then i had potion bottles around. used a couple of hanging skeletons and some glow paint and i was set. Honestly i had maybe 20 people my first party and every one dressed up. Only because your friends might not be full into halloween with decorating there house and stuff doesn't mean they won't dress up for your party trust me they will work them selves up for it and will wear a costume.

I really like the Love never dies theme. You can just decorate one or 2 rooms in your house. You don't have to go over board with decorating on your first party to make it great. Your party will be tons of fun as long as you have things to do. We played the " who am i" game at my party you can go to party city and they actually have the kit for it with labels of famous characters and bags of candy for who ever guesses right. which makes it so easy and less stressful trying to figure out what to give out as a gift or what characters.
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