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Personally, from a guest perspective they would need to understand the story line...I was thinking at the doorway the guest will be greeted with the male and female corpse...as they enter they will see things like pictures or statements...all around the place...letting them put the story together...
I like this idea, you could have old love letters and dead roses lying around. If you feel your guests would have a problem doing full blown costumes, have them dress as the dead or ghosts...These are pretty easy to do with an old set of your regular cloths.

How about have several dead props (skele's and body's) and have clues around so your guest have to figure out and match the pairs.

As an Ice breaker (when I have a set of guests that don't all know each other) I like to play the "Who am I?" game. This is where you write down famous characters on 3X5 cards and pin one on the back of each guest so they can't see and then they ask Yes/No answer questions of the other guests to try and figure out who they are. It's an easy game and lossens everyone up. You could use famous love story couples as the characters or famous murderers.
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