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1st Cemetery Haunt - 100% created from your ideas...Thanks!

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I wanted to post my gratitude to all of you amazing haunters, artists and creative types. I joined this forum this summer to learn how to properly outfit my yard with a quality setup this year. I live in a neighborhood that gets 600 - 900 kids every year from everywhere in a 20 mile radius and I wanted to make my yard special for them this year. This is my first time creating a cemetery and every single prop and idea came from something one of you posted on here, so I wanted to give credit where credit was due.

Items I used from this forums knowledge and ideas.

Costco Skeletons with massager automation
Foam Tombstones design and painting
Dollar Tree rats, birds, black flowers & web
How to make a cauldron DIY
How to make Fire under the cauldron DIY
How to chill a fogger DIY
lighting tutorial
Cheap fences DIY

Here are photos of what I was able to create with your help...thank you for sharing.

Headstone Grave Yard Tree Grass

Grass Grave Headstone Cemetery Tree

Grave Headstone Cemetery Grass Stele

Headstone Grave Cemetery Grass Memorial day

Grave Headstone Cemetery Grass Memorial

Headstone Grave Grass Cemetery Tree

Skeleton Sculpture Lawn ornament Statue Yard

Yard Lawn Grass Tree Garden

Organism Night Darkness Screenshot Games

Blue Darkness Electric blue

Light Darkness Night Space Midnight
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That's looks amazing! The kids will love it!
You have done a terrific job with your display. Where did you get the ground spotlights?
Great job! Congratulations...now start planning for next year!
Looks really good, nice work, love the night shots, your cemetery has a lot of atmosphere. I agree kids will love it!
Great job! I laughed out loud at the Steve Jobs stone.
You have done a terrific job with your display. Where did you get the ground spotlights?
I found them at harbor freight. They are $15 on their website or their stores. They have 3 spotlights on a 25 foot length and have either ground spikes or wall mounts as options. 3 of the bulbs are from ebay, they are Magic Lighting LED Light Bulb Lamp And Remote With 16 Different Colors that can strobe or fade from color to color. They cost me $5.50 each and are amazing...I will be using them for other holidays for sure (only problem is that when they turn on from a timer, they are not on the same setting when they turned off).

Outdoor Floodlight String Set

Green Auto part

Ebay Lights

Light Product Technology Circle Electronic device
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Looks good, your off and rolling now. :D
Better make some garage space for the years to come.....lol
Very funny epitaphs, and the skellys are a hoot. Lighting looks very spooky. I have the same outdoor fixtures, but have used incandescent floodlights (which have no strobing or fade, and get terribly hot). Going to look into replacing them with those LEDs. I can't believe this is your first cemetery - nicely done!
Thank you for the kind words. The only stuff I did in the past was projecting the Halloween dvds on the side of the house and the monster eyes on two tvs in the windows. I always wanted to do the stationary stuff never knew how to do it with a high quality setup until I found this place online. Now I cant wait to make more detailed pieces since I am not in a rush to do sooo much in a short time.
I really like what you did! The little details are fantastic and your personality is all over that cemetery. You've taken a bunch of ideas from this forum and turned it into something that has unique look to it. Not an easy feat to accomplish.........job well done!

Lovely Day...
Your cemetery looks outstanding. I know the TOTs are really gonna love that.

I'm glad we could help it come to fruition.
Everything looks great! Get ready to join Halloween Addicts Anonymous...and yes,
you will need to get more storage :D
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