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13foot wide, 4 column archway for sale

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I have just acquired a 13 foot wide archway with four columns. This is a collapsible piece suitable for storage, and was originally a store display. The width between the center columns is 7 feet, and the outside columns are spaced at 3 feet, making the entire display 13 feet wide ( how perfect is that??? ) The height is 7 feet to the bottom of the arch, and 8 1/2 feet to the top. The top archway is hollow, making it perfect for mounting a lighted sign with your haunt name or backlit 'cemetery'. The piece is extremely well assembled with base and crown mouldings.
Due to the size, it is available only for pickup on the south side of Indianapolis.
I am asking $350 for this piece. It is well worth it just for the craftsmanship.

I have one small problem, though....I need to get rid of this BY SEPTEMBER 20TH. If it is not sold by then, I am going to donate it to my son's school theatre.