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In September 1988 aged 19 Tara Calico disappeared without a trace. What happened to her remains a mystery, however, almost a year after it was last seen a woman found this polaroid shot in the parking lot of a supermarket and it is strongly suspected that the girl is Tara photographed.

In 1989, a match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest ended in tragedy. There were many more people than the stadium capacity allowed. It was almost impossible to breathe or move - 96 fans suffocated or trampled, another 700 suffered some type of injury.

Red beside the man and child car exploded shortly after the picture was taken. The photographer died, but both survived. A total of 29 people died in the explosion.

This was the last known photo of Chris Benoit, Canadian professional wrestler. It was taken by a fan. Later determined that the woman was already dead wrestler at the time this photo was taken. He killed her and her son to suicide a few hours later later.

s in the 1st photo, Janet alleged levitation. This time with her mother as a witness. When I walked into these trances, had to hold strong to Janet because it acquired a very unusual in a girl of only 11 years force. Sometimes she ran and beat her head against the wall as he swore and cursed with his foul verbiage. Once even a single blow knocked a social worker, ex-cop and very big, trying to reassure her by his bed.

During the investigation of the events in the house of Amityville, researchers found this photo among its revealed.
All claim that the time in which they photographed the house this was empty and in fact, nobody remembers taking that picture specifically, but say they just appeared there and the child who is in it is very similar to one of the children murdered there three years before the Lutz family moved to the site and started all paranormal events that made this story so famous.

Two engineers were killed when the windmill working in caught fire. This should be the last photo of them alive. Taken in the Netherlands, October 29, 2013.

The victim, Nicolle Millet, had been found burned in a chair that remained unscathed. During the trial, a young surgeon named Nicholas Cat convinced the jury that the woman's death was a case CHE. The defendant was acquitted and the jury ruled that she had died "by the visitation of God." There are critics of this case even writings writer Joe Nickell who contradicted the ruling, but the case of Mrs. Millet made history as CHE.

R. Budd Dwyer was a gringo politician in the early 80 was involved in a corruption scandal. In 1986 he was sentenced to prison but all the while he maintained his innocence. On the morning of January 22, 1987 committed suicide amid a televised news conference and this was the last photo he took.

Omayra Sánchez was 13 when the eruption of Nevado del Ruiz volcano destroyed the town of Armero in Colombia, where she lived.
At the time of the tragedy Omayra was trapped in the rubble of her home, the mud and the bodies of their own family. For the time it tried to assist rescuers discovered that it was impossible; to remove had to amputate both legs and not having the equipment necessary for surgery Omayra could die. The other option was to bring a bike-pump sucked the mud which was submerged but the only one available was too far from the site, so the only option was to let her go.
For three days Omayra remained conscious and talking to rescuers journalists around her, who did their best to keep quiet until eventually died because of their injuries or hiportemia. This was one of the last pictures they took him.

In it a young member of Einstatzgruppe D, who wears glasses, moments before running a Jew kneeling before the grave in which rest and family, friends and members of the Jewish community of Vinnitsa, Ukraine appears. Around him expectantly await their comrades be distinguished man with uniforms that fit into various branches of the Wehrmacht. Uniforms of the Heer, SS and service work are intermingled in the macabre slaughter audience. Looking at their faces one by one, we find mixed reactions: some are expectant to death in cold blood of a man, in the faces of others can be glimpsed even curiosity or deep concentration. In none of these faces can be distinguished one gesture of horror, fear or even disdain for what they are about to behold.

This photo shows Regina Kay Walters, a 14-year-old was killed by Robert Ben Rhoades, author photo. Regina had her hair cut and was forced to wear a black dress and high heels before being tortured and murdered.

The Falling Man ("The Man Who Falls" is the title of a photograph taken by Richard Drew for the attacks of September 11, 2001 against the twin towers of the World Trade Center, at 9:41:15 AM. In the picture you can see a man falling from the North Tower of the World Trade Center, which likely chose to avoid leaping, scorched by the flames die.​
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