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13 Hour Clock

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Done Phase 1 of my 13 hour clock.
This thing has gone through about 1,000 iterations and design changes, but I think I am in the home stretch.
The photo is just the 'head' of the grandfather clock, the rest is still under construction.

The front panel is carved foam scavenged out of my neighbour's trash and painted with acrylics from the dollar store. The photo renders it a little flat, but it is fairly 3 dimensional. Printed off the numbers and highlighted them with a metallic gold pen. The clock face is painted cardboard and it is actually recessed and I plan to put in some Christmas lights to illuminate it from behind the foam front. Used a really clock mechanism and glued on plastic skeleton arms. The rest of the skeleton will serve as the pendulum in the finished clock. I have a disco ball motor I am going to hook up to the clock mechanism to make the hands wheel around. I am also using a cheapie Mp3 player with clock sound for effect. (Put plastic cups around the head phones for amplification...)

I will post photos of the finished clock shortly...

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