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12vdc 5amp Power Supply?

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I need another one of these and Monster Guts is out of stock. I've looked at ebay and found a few that look similar. Is there anything I should be looking at in particular for my purchase?
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Just the plug size mainly. You want to make sure you have the same size so it plugs right into your motor's harness without any issues. :)
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I would check with FrightProps. Unfortunately all power supplies are not created equal. Not sure what you need it for but just because it "says" 5A doesn't mean it will work for a wiper motor.
just remember the amps can be over what it needs to be, but you have to make sure the volts are exactly what it needs. it will only use the amps it draws, which must be equal to what it needs or higher.

example: you have a 12v 5a Power Supply, you can use a 12v 6a
I use these http://12vadapters.com/adapter/power-supply/12v/10-amp-10a.html for my wiper motor props. Plenty of power, and the end is easily cut and strippable for connection to whatever I am building.
Conjured Soul, This is what you want. I have purchased 6 of them and they work great with all my wiper motor driven props. And at only $7.95 each including shipping it is a real bargain compared to ones from the prop shops. The photo does not show the power cord but it does come with the power cord.

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Buy this with it. To connect to the wiper motor. Ten pieces for $4.94 including shipping.

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