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12V LED PVC Candles

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We have PVC candles we made 4 years ago for our haunt. They use the battery powered tea lights, which tend to be a pain to remember to turn on and off, etc. So this year, I converted them over to 12V powered LEDs connected via RCA jacks.

If you are interested in how I did it, here is a basic how to video:

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Nice looking candles!
Great Idea! Now I will have to make some new ones!
Thanks everyone!

Howl - Yeah, they are pre-wired 5mm yellow flicker LEDs.
Well, i just made 40 candles using the battery tea lights - wont have time to convert them for this year, so it looks like it will be a good winter project. Thanks! Great idea!
I love this idea. Crazy question: Since the only usable part of the tea light seems to be the flame tip of it, is there any place that just sells those in bulk? I'm not keen on spending a $1 for each tealight and then have guts & a battery leftover for each one. Just trying to reduce the waste & save cost a little for my use. :)
Another crazy idea... has anyone tried just dipping a flickering LED in a tub of silicone to make it look like a flame? This would bypass the entire need to buy a tea light & dispense with the discards.

This tea light has a "flame" that looks somewhat like those larger, silicone flicker flame lights: http://www.scentedcandleshop.com/online_store/smart_candle_tea_light_amber.cfm
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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