Halloween isn’t just a night of wearing costumes – for many people, it’s a lifestyle. And that means choosing the right costume on All Hallows Eve is serious business, even when the goal is to have fun.

You may know what your secret desires are, but we know how to help you express them, even for just one night. And even if you’re not quite sure exactly what you want to be on October 31, there’s no need to panic. We’ve done a lot of the hard work for you with these bodacious bad-ass costumes that will set your night on fire – or keep it mellow, if that’s your thing.

We’ve conjured up 12 of the best costumes you can buy online. So don’t let us stop you. Read on to find the one that reveals your true self.

Leg Avenue Women's 5 Piece Deadly Ninja Costume

You won’t have to wield sharp knives and practice martial arts to knock ‘em dead at your next Halloween party with this sleek ninja costume. Traditionally experts in the dark arts of espionage and silent assassination, your ninja persona will excel in the magic of looking great in this form-fitting body suit with a plunging V-neck, blood-red sash and attached hood. Red interlocking ties sewn to the pant legs, elbow-length fingerless gloves and a mask that covers the lower half of your face will hide your true identity, but not your true intentions. Go for it and when the party’s over, just disappear into the night!

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Roma Costume 2 Piece Gangsta Mama Costume

Not quite Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde fame, you’ll still look pretty awesome in this two-piece gangsta mama costume that sends the same message as that old-time gangster duo – watch out and hold onto your valuables. This modern twist on Ma Parker and other infamous female criminals includes a pair of formidable high-rise suspender pants with button details and a halter-top with a built in tie. Pair it with a funky fedora and some two-toned shoes and you’ll be ready to audition for the next bank heist film.

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Fun World Adult Dark Angel's Desire Costume

Tell us, what is it that you really desire? Sometimes it’s nice to be naughty, at least for the night. This dark angel costume does not disappoint in quality or in sending the message out that not all angels are goody-two-shoes. Slip on the organza and chiffon dress with its boning and embroidered bodice and see the satin shimmer as you move. And the piece de resistance? Those magnificent wings with faux feathers. But having dark desires doesn’t mean you don’t get to wear a halo – after all, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Naughty, nice …. it’s all good, so you decide.

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Disguise Adult Deluxe Maleficent Christening Black Gown Costume

No one does Maleficent better than Angelina Jolie – well, except for you. With this awesome costume, you’ll be transformed into the vengeful fairy that caused Sleeping Beauty to sleep forever, only to be awoken by a true love’s kiss. Make a statement in this long, flowing black dress with enlarged sleeves and raised collar, detachable brooch and character headpiece. Add a black staff and black boots and the picture is complete.

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Rubie's Costume Co Women's The Hunger Games Deluxe Katniss Costume

May the odds be in your favor as you lead the rebellion – the Halloween one, that is, at your next party dressed in this officially licensed Hunger Games Katniss costume from Mockingjay Part 2. This costume features a long sleeved black top with attached armor pieces on the front bodice and shoulders, with a mock neckline, black fitted pants with attached knee and shin armor and a black Mockingjay pin. Add a bow and arrow and voila, you can almost feel Katniss’ tough, independent, resourceful and fiery personality shine through. Let the games begin.

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AMSCAN Darling Bee Halloween Costume for Women

Bees are the darling of nature, pollinating the flowers and trees that make our world beautiful, not to mention the sweet honey they produce. Put on this cute black and yellow striped bee costume and you’ll have everyone buzzing around you, trying to capture someone of your natural sweetness. Comes with black and yellow leg warmers, filigree accented honeybee wings and an antennae headpiece with fluffy pom-pom tips. Spread a little honey but if someone misbehaves, most bees can sting, right?

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MoonHome Women's Rococo Ball Gown

You know you will be the belle of the Halloween ball in this vintage masquerade party dress – straight from the 18th century and the middle of the Rococo era that saw the end of the French revolution and the last French queen, Marie Antoinette. Glide across the floor in this long off-the-shoulder, floor-length dress. You’ll really play the part in this authentic-looking ball gown with two wide ruffles, sorceress sleeves and front lace-up –add a period wig and some petticoats to fill the skirt and you’re ready to go back in time.

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Audrey Hepburn Holly Golightly Breakfast at Tiffany's Costume

Retro movie fans adore Holly Golightly, Truman Capote’s eccentric character made famous by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Now you can capture Holly’s elegance in this 1950s black dress accessorized with long black satin gloves, a strand pearl necklace, pearl earrings and a functional black cigarette holder. Add a wide-brimmed black and white hat, large dark sunglasses, and then watch as you capture the attention of everyone in the room when you get to the party.

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California Costumes Women's Voodoo Magic Costume

It doesn’t take much magic for you to transform into a witch doctor supreme in this female version of a practicing voodoo. Your charms can be crafted for good or evil, so everyone is sure to be nice to you. This costume comes with a long jacket with buttons, a V-neckline red vest and a top hat and is accessorized with two hat sash ties, a bone and skull decorated belt, two green waist sash ties and a monkey hand necklace. Up your game by adding face makeup, a wig and staff and feel the power of voodoo rush through your veins.

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Leg Avenue Women's Classic Cinderella Princess Costume

So the truth is out – you were that little girl who longed to wear a Cinderella princess dress but never had a chance. Well, now you’re all grown up and you can do what you want, including making that dream come true. You’ll feel as if you belong in a palace wearing this classic long satin ball gown. And who knows, with or without losing a glass slipper, maybe you’ll get lucky and find your Prince Charming.

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miccostumes Women's Fullbody Black Catsuit Halloween

No one can fit a black catsuit like Michelle Pfeiffer did in Batman Returns – well, except for you. You’re going to have everyone purring when you come into the room wearing this skin-tight body suit made from PU leather, complete with corset with a lace-up back for cinching. Add the gloves, mask with ears and the whip, and you’ll be someone’s catnip before the night is done. Meow!

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Just Love Adult Onesie Pajamas
Comfort is your style, no bones about it. So slipping on this onesie skeleton costume is just the way you like it – fun and easy. And with its no feet convenience, you can wear any shoes you want, even stilettos.

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Things to look out for:

Consider these things when looking for a Halloween costume so you will choose the one that reflects your inner desires:

Some costumes are an easy fit, while others can be slinky and tight-fitting. Always take into consideration your comfort level and what it will feel like wearing that costume all night. It’s also a good idea to check any sizing chart before you buy, so you don’t get the wrong size. Sometimes it’s better to err on the side of getting something slightly bigger. It’s easier to alter something large, than expand something too small.

Some costumes come complete, while others require that you purchase extras separately. Consider this when pricing costumes, as it may affect your budget.

We think our list is pretty bodacious. What do you think?