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$1150 Stalkaround Grimsley Ex Mortis Brand New with slight cosmetic damage

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You are bidding on one bad *** / amazing costume. Please google Grimsley Stalkaround for additional photos, videos, etc.

$1050 with free shipping in the continental U.S. This is a great deal and substantial savings. This forum will not let me edit the heading but $1050 is the correct price.

We bought this Stallksround by Ex Mortis brand new on Amazon and it came slightly damaged from shipping. *Please look at the pictures closely and ask for additional information if needed. *We are offering a substantial savings if you simply do a little repair work. *The mechanics work great. *The damage is cosmetic only and only on the chin. *Should be a very easy repair. This costume has never been used. It is brand new. We had to purchase see thing else for an immediate need. Our loss is your gain.

Here is the orginal ad:

The larger-than-life Ex Mortis Stalkaround Halloween Costume "puppets" can move around with the freedom of a typical walkaround suit or costume, but the giant Stalkaround® possess a realism in movement and detail normally found only in motion picture special effects.

Towering at heights upwards of 8 feet tall and with an armspan of 8 feet across, the Stalkaround® is capable of moving its head in all directions and glaring at frightened onlookers, while his giant arms grasp and threaten with evil intent!

The ability to interact with people makes the Stalkaround® a better choice to entertain your guests than a repetitive animated prop !

The performer is concealed within the body, guiding the arms of the Stalkaround® using handles at the Stalkaround's elbows, and also actuates the Stalkaround's head with a helmet linked by a heavy-duty all- bearing mechanism. Stalkarounds are very simple and natural to operate!

PayPal is the only accepted method of payment. *We will send with insurance and tracking. If you have any questions email LLCAtlanta at AOL


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Has not sold yet

Hi! No the stalkaround did not sell. If you are interested let us know LLCAtlanta at AOL or contact us here. I am traveling overseas so may be slow to respond but I promise to get back to you.
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