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We had a blast and wanted to share a few pictures from our new theme this year. We went traditional and pulled out witches, scarecrows and cornstalks. We also had two real and very heavy cast iron cauldrons. One had a real fire. (we didn't get a nighttime picture of that one). We also built the 10 foot witch hat arbor across our gate. We had a fun night WITHOUT rain. We were very lucky this year. I hope everybody had a great Halloween.

(I have more setup/daytime pictures in a folder on my profile if you are interested)

Purple Lighting Violet Light Landscape lighting

Lighting Night Sky Light fixture

Heat Light Flame Night Geological phenomenon

Light Night Lighting Atmospheric phenomenon Darkness

Atmospheric phenomenon Night Lighting Water Tree

Light Darkness Night Tree Room

Lighting Night World

Lady Blond Darkness Smoke Photography

Human Adaptation Event Portrait Photography
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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