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All merchandise at BigScreamTV.com 10% off:
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But wait! There's more!!!

We have heard the moans and growls from our fans wanting something a tad more gruesome than our usual family friendly fare.

For those of you that have been waiting for us to get a little more aggressive, we've made this just for you. It's perfect for home haunters. "TerrorEyes II: DemonEyes" has a psychotic clown, an incarnating mummy, and scariest of all, a tiny little dolly. Oh the horror! We're not kidding. Possession will take on a whole new meaning once you get a hold of her! Eye yi yi! It's so creepy we had to stop playing it in the media lab.

For 10% off of DemonEyes:
use coupon code: ScaryMonsters34

For 10% off your entire order (that's a combined total of
20% off of DemonEyes!)
ALSO use coupon code: FriendlyMonsters33
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These coupon codes will expire October 10,
2010 at the stroke of MIDNIGHT!

Revolutionary Halloween Multi-Media:
TerrorEyes 1 and 2 are DVDs that play monster or demon eyes to use your TV as a part of your Halloween decorations, illusions, and effects for Halloween. You can simply play them on a TV or computer (for a party), or we'll show you how to do EYE-POPPING, crowd-stopping, mind-blowing effects using two TVs or computer monitors. A soundtrack accompanies each of the new eyes: ClownEye, DollEye, & MumEye. This is a KILLER new product! It's hot from the Halloween lab, and DVDs begin shipping on Tuesday, October 5. Downloads are immediately available! This is our first new product since 2006! Booray!

TerrorEyes II, DemonEyes is NOT INTENDED for younger (PG-16) or more sensitive viewers. No "cuss" words are used, but the language uses terms like: die, kill, blood. We tried to stop her! But that doll is like, possessed!
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