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09 layout

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Here is my 09 layout for our haunt.
09 haunt pictures by ucantseeus - Photobucket
Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas that i can use always looking for ideas that can improve the haunt.

Thanks Joe
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I like that you drew up blueprints. I usually do a design for my yard also. Can you make the pict. larger? I can only read about 3 things on it. I see a bridge, big top room and garage. Is there really a coffee room? #2. Sorry, prob. just me. Maybe the others can read it better.
Are you seriously gonna' put a pond and bridge inside your house, or is that on the outside???? You would be like a GOD to me if you pulled that off.
growler posted better pic with better text hope you like it.
RookieSpooker, No that's not in my house that's in my garage. My wife would never go for that, i would be a god if i could get that past her Ha Ha

09 haunt pictures by ucantseeus - Photobucket
Rook, I'm 99.9% sure that's a yard haunt.

Growler, if you click on the pic, you can see a larger version. The black print is easier to read.

I think it looks great Joe! I don't have any suggestions, but if I think of any, I'll let you know.

EDIT: Oops, Joe's reply beat me to it. :p
Nice layout
thanks, we are incorporating evil clowns through out the haunt this year. thats why we added the big top room. Toxic killer clowns
Very nice job.... I am making my husband do a Google SketchUp of the front of our house, because I am so bad at drawing to scale - even when I have graph paper and the builders plans right in front of me!! (I think it must be a talent you are born with..... as in YOU were born with it, and I was NOT!)

Looks great!
Yeah I finally saw how to increase the image. DOH! I was looking at the very top of the page to do that. TY for posting the other blueprints. The black one was much easier to read. That is one HUGE haunt. Is that an outside one that you build walls for? If you lived in the southwest I could see you having a pond in a center court area of your house.
Growler, it isn't as big as you think. The main building that will house the toxic pond is my garage. about 16x20, the rest is a 14x20 building that we put together 2 years ago. We will add the big Top this year, most likely a 12ft diameter octagon. Maybe 650 to 700 sq. ft.

Here is a rough copy of a video that was taken in 08 This is part one
nightstalkers video :: 08 part 1 video by ucantseeus - Photobucket

and this is part 2
nightstalkers video :: 08 part 2 video by ucantseeus - Photobucket

Is is and very rough vid
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