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I'm not incredibly clear on what it is, in fact, it has been called a useless genre tag. My take on it is that it was supposed to be a pop-y version of witch house, having come out of it (which involved making rap/hip hop tracks sound like ritual vocals by slowing them down). As is the way with these trend genres, "grave wave" is already considered obsolete in favor of "vaporwave" which sounds like jazzy elevator music. Grave wave, much like witch house, is just as annoying to find, because the producers spell their genres with symbols. Other genres which one can seem to find grave wave is witchhouse (witch house), bloodwave, witch folk, darkwave, etc.

Mishkanyc's The Guide to Grave Wave (Disc 1)
Mishkanyc's The Guide to Grave Wave (Disc 2)
Mishkanyc's The Guide to Grave Wave (Disc 3)

My vote goes to Cold Cave for being pretty grave wave.
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