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  1. Halloween Props
    I've got a Zultan that just stopped working. Was good mechanically but now nothing happens when the red led button is pressed. His mouth moves slightly when switching between sensor/on/mic but that's it. Nothing looks burnt or wrong with the board but that must be it. Does anybody have an idea...
  2. Halloween Props
    Wondering if anyone can give me direction to repair Gemmy Zultans mouth movement and his little skulls mouth movement. Neither move at all. Thank you!
  3. Member Introduction
    Hi, Just trying to find a video that goes through how to fix Zultan's curtains
  4. Halloween Props
    I'm hoping to find a transistor expert in here. I've got an old Zultan that we've had forever and we love. The Curtains stopped opening (common problem). Temporarily I wired them open, but now I'm trying to fix it. In chasing the lack of voltage getting to the motor I came across a...
  5. Halloween Props
    My curtains want to bounce 1/2 open. I have taken the gearbox off, removed the motor and inspected the "wandering gear". Mine appears to be stationary. I even tried to move it with a small screwdriver...no luck. Any ideas. I love the Zultan and do not wish to tie the curtains back. Sincerely, Dave
  6. General Halloween
    I will pay you, or I have things to trade like a tekky rocking bat or gemmy zultan spirit ball? Please help before they are all sold out.... :(
  7. Halloween Props
    We pulled our Gemmy Zultan out of storage and he's locked up. Power light is on. When you move the "sensor/on/mic" switch his head moves a little, but that's it. That only proves to us that he is getting power but we aren't certain whether it is mechanical or electronic. Took it all apart but...
    Hi - I have a Gemmy Zultan Fortune Teller, and the curtain is not opening properly. I'd like to fix it, but I can't even figure out how the crack the case! Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
1-8 of 8 Results