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zombie head

  1. Prop Showcase: Severed zombie head

    Halloween Props
    Apologies if I've posted this before, but I did a quick search on the forum and coldn't see anything. If you're after a severed zombie head (or other type of severed heard for that matter) then this is a cheap and fun way to get what you want...
  2. Zombie Head, Prop Hands, Unfinshed, Latex Rubber, Foam-Filled Cast

    For Sale By Merchants
    Item #1: Perfect for the do-it-yourself haunter, is an unfinished, life-size Zombie head that is cast in quality latex. The item is unfinished and ready to paint. Shipping is not included. $27.00 Item #2: Latex rubber, foam-filled prop hands. These are a hand cast items from an original...