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  1. Dear Zacherley, Rest in Peace.

    General Halloween
    Today we lost an icon, and the timing is bitter. Those of you who trip the dark fantastic, who live not in the sunlight world of normalcy but reside instead in the midnight of horror, will know the name Zacherle. He died at the age of 98, and the graveyard is quiet. For those of you not in...
  2. John Zacherley ‎– Zacherle's Monster Mash Party CD

    Halloween Music
    Hello! REQUEST: Was wondering if anybody had the following on CD...'John Zacherley ‎– Zacherle's Monster Mash Party CD' http://www.gocontinental.com/cdlist/transylvania_Zacherley.shtml John Zacherley - Monster Mash Party Track List 1. Monster Mash 2. Monsters Have Problems Too...
  3. Zacherley "Monster Gallery"

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/qywr7y44h2iweeucex6fqokoyd8baagn TRACK LIST: 01 - Coolest Little Monster 02 - A Wicked Thought 03 - Goul View Commercial 04 - Sure Sign of Spring 05 - Transylvania P.T.A 06 - Frank and Drac Are Back 07 - Come with Me to Transylvania 08 - Spider Man...
  4. 2 Days Till Halloween

    2 Days Till Halloween 10/29/2013 Mort Garson - Black Mass - Lucifer (1971) An early electronic classic. Oh, I forgot … I need to listen to these radio shows! That should give me a good overview of all the great Halloween songs. Dr. Demento - Demented Halloween Radio Show (1984) Not sure where...
  5. 23 Days Till Halloween

    23 Days Till Halloween 10/08/2013 Shivers - Creepy Stories (1996) Shivers - Weird Tales (1996) Zacherley serves as the emcee for these sets of original spooky stories geared toward tweens. The voice acting is barely serviceable – one woman really strains to sound like a teenage boy and a...
  6. 49 Days till Halloween

    49 Days till Halloween 9/12/2013 Onward through the Novelty folder. Yikes … Just did a little scan of my folders, and I’ve only listened to about one-third of them. Dang. To speed things up, I might actually skip tracks I’ve heard at least 3 times already. Except Monster Mash. Goodman and...
  7. More Zacherley Art available

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have more Zacherley original art on EBAY if you are interested please click link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200932002294?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. Zacherley Original art from Scary Monsters Magazine

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    link to the auction plus other art to choose from... http://www.ebay.com/itm/200928236709?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649